Thursday, July 20, 2017

How far I've come!

Today my Time Hop told me today that I started my first facebook page 3 years ago, a group page with my bestie Smell Bear (She does awesome commissions and make amazing shoes check her out).

Now that I have recently started my own page I thought I'd write a post on how far I have come in the last 3 years.

The first cosplay I decided to make was Anya Stroud from Gears Of War. People were making jokes that I look a little like her. I was awful, made of cardboard and badly painted.

Look at it.... My God....

Next was the Batman animated series, Harley Quinn.  This was my first attempt at sewing so I hindsight it wasn't too bad. However, I do need to remake this.

The next this I decided to make was Daedric armour. This was a bad idea I should've tried something a bit easier.

Next, I tried some sewing this time I used a pattern. I did Rogue from X-Men.

It started fairly simple but I did update it recently.

I updated too.

I'd say it looks a bit better.

Next was Alice Madness Returns Cheshire Cat. First time using worbla.... Never again apart from my power fist.

Then it was my late but lucky also from Madness Returns. This is where I started to realise I could sew better than I thought.

After that was my Vault Dweller which was the first cosplay to be featured on a page and be photographed professionally.

Then it was my Roller derby, Harley Quinn.

After this, I made my first Evie Frye.

Then it was 3 in a row, Hysteria, Vulpes Inculta and another Harley.

Then I made a Victorian dress from a Victorian pattern which was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Then I made a few Star Trek uniforms.

Next was Mags Black and Psylocke.

Then, I made my second Evie Frye, Fight Club and Hilda for the same con.

I then started to expand my skills a little by learning new things like applique. This help with the making of Bombshell Flash.

What followed this it was Zelda.

Then I went full out difficult with Steam Punk Evie which you have seen in several posts but here's another picture.

Now I'm working on Mipha. Which has been a challenge?

Anyway, you can see the improvements and there is plenty more improvement to come.

Thanks for reading,

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz


Monday, July 17, 2017

S.N.O.T Episode 8 - Winter Lights Cosplay

Hi Guys,

I have been asked to review the S.N.O.T Cosplay episodes. So I listened to the first cosplay podcast which featured Winter Lights Cosplay.

Well, firstly I love listening to people talk about Cosplay as it is such a passion of mine but hearing someone talking in the same passionate way that I do gives me a warm feeling.

It starts off asking simple questions on how Winter started how she got in to cosplay which was nice, being able to hear some one seeing people dressed up and asking whats this and people saying it's cosplay, I really related to this as this is how I got into cosplaying too.

Then the guys ask about what materials she uses and what was the hardest cosplay she ever made, which was a Zack Fair from Final Fanasty 7. She talked about the steps she has come from a cardboard buster sword to a full foam sword. It's nice to hear peoples progression when it comes to a cosplay.

Then they move on to the saucy stuff, the boudoir now this is a sore spot for me as I feel like this is the only way to get likes and I don't have the confidence to do so it is a complete jealousy thing for me, but what Winter does which is really nice is keeps her boudoir and cosplay pages separate. She does this because she has younger followers on her cosplay page I got the impression that she separates them so that younger cosplayer don't feel they have to do boudoir to be popular. Which I absolutely love. Go, Winter thanks for being a good role model.

Winter is very positive and gives so great advice for first-time cosplayers. She seems to be a lovely cosplayer and I have looked at her stuff and it's insanely good.

If you want to listen to the podcast yourself nip on over to Loud Bunch Media on Soundcloud.

I'll be posting reviews on the episodes when ever I can.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bendy Benz!!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Does the Vulture have a point…? Spider-Man Homecoming Review. SPOILERS!!


On Saturday I went and saw Spider-Man Homecoming. My first impression was I loved it.

First MCU Spider-Man outing and I was really impressed. Now I love the Toby Maguire (Sam Ramey) Spider-Man films there are nostalgia to me. So this film has lots to live up to.

After seeing Tom Holland in Civil War I automatically thought… best Spider-Man in film ever and this film just confirmed it.

Tom Holland not only does Spider-Man well he does Peter Parker well too. Firstly he is the correct age. Maguire was just a little too old for me, don’t get me wrong he was still great (including the emo dancing, fight me) but I don't think he was the right age for the origin story of Spids. I am glad that they didn't do another full origin story, it was just a passing comment which was nice. Holland seems to have perfect awkwardness as Parker and has perfect quips as Spids. 

The supporting cast was competent too, Ned has his funny part when he drops the death star on the floor after finding out Peter is spids. I personally found that quite amusing. Michelle not sure if I like the fact that she was revealed as MJ but she had a sarcastic tone to everything she said which I love. Flash is a dick… need I say more. Liz was a bit 2 dimensional for me she gave more depth to Vulture then really having any substance herself. Aunt May I love Aunt May as this young hip figure i thing it makes more sense in a real life timeline.

Lastly, there is the Adrian Toomes the Vulture. Going back to the title of this blog did he have a point? Well yes, but he went about it in the wrong way. He was just trying to provide for his family and his opportunity was taken away from him. In the words of the Joker ‘all it takes in one bad day’ and like the Joker, Vulture takes the bad route. He is the complete parallel to Peter. Although not explicitly shown in this movie if we go by the source material you could assume that Peters Uncle Ben has died, That was Peters bad day. Peter uses this to fight crime whereas Vulture uses his bad day to do crime, complete opposites.

The thing that differs the Vulture from other villains is that he is not overtly evil, he’s not setting out to kill the world or anything like that he is just trying to make so money to support his family.

What I think highlights this quality is Michael Keaton, he is just the best. His portrayal is lovable. He has every chance to kill Peter but he doesn't. Peter returns the favour in the last battle, which I think leads to Vulture not revealing who he is while in the prison.

All in all, Spider-Man was a great first outing for the MCU Spider-Man and I would highly recommend it.

This is me your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz signing off.

What did you think of Spider-Man Homecoming? Who’s you favourite Spider-Man? Let me know in the comments……BYEEEEE!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

My top 10 video games!!

Bendy, I hear you cry you sure do love Cosplay but what else do you love...?

Well, my fellows, I love video games and here are my top 10 video game franchise's 

  1. American McGees Alice Madness Returns - This is a game based on a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. It incorporates two things that I find really interesting. Victorian London and the historical ways that mental health was treated. The game is stunning the contrast of the wonderland in the original story to the wonderland in the game which is dark and menacing. I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t played it go and play it now.
  2. Assassin's Creed - AC 3 was the first game I ever 100% on the XBox. I’ve got the all the achievements and I’m pretty proud of this. I like all the historical references albeit not alway historically accurate. I’m not great at stealth but with this game, you can decide if you want to go full on stealth or like I accidentally get caught and start bashing the attack button and kill the hell out of everyone…. just love it. Also, Syndicate is set in Victorian England whats not to love about that, I absolutely adore Victorian England...  The DLC is Jack the Ripper need I say more?
  3. Halo - These games are just beautiful, the lore is out of this world (see what I did there?) The music is spot on when you boot up the game and hear the iconic hum, how can you not get excited by that. The levels are fun the story is amazing the enemies are funny, you know who I'm talking about, Grunts are the worst soldiers ever. There not much more I can say about it everybody knows Halo.
  4. Batman: Arkham Series - I love Batman and if you do too this is the game for you. The stories are fantastic the gameplay is fun. Who doesn’t love to button bashing?
  5. Pokemon - This is nostalgia for me… watching the anime then getting my game boy out and catch all dems Pokemon….. I love yellow who doesn’t love Pichaku following you about. I defiantly got lavender town syndrome…I didn’t really I lied. 
  6. Bioshock - This is one of the firs, first person games I played and was actually fairly good at. It's creepy and dark and the twist is just mind blowing. Don’t worry no spoilers here… However, if you haven’t played it finish reading this and go and get it. I’m not the biggest fan of infinite but that doesn’t taint the first two they are just amazing.
  7. Elder Scrolls - The first elder scrolls game I played was Skyrim so I didn’t really play these in order and honestly I haven’t played Daggerfall or Arena. However, the ones I have played I really enjoyed. Basically, the games are totally immersive there's so much to do you can play in your own way. You can do side quests or main story, wonder about taking in the scenery or just kill all the shit.  I know that Elder Scrolls online gets a bad wrap but I think they did a good job making a console MMO, and it plays like a usual Elder Scrolls game I thought the story was good and the replayability is high as you can play different races, classes, factions or just beat the crap out of kids on PVP and now with Morrowind you have no excuses not to play it.
  8. Fallout - I’ll be honest here again I haven’t played the first 2 games but I have played from 3 onwards and will play any fallout they will bring out. I like the stories and the large open world and the never-ending side quests. Also, the morality system is quite cool. Again these games are so immersive, I found myself putting o 4 at 10 in the morning looking at the click and somehow its 7 in the evening and you haven't eaten or showered or said a word to your loved ones.
  9. Borderlands - The main reasons I love these games are the characters and humor. I really love the cell shading I think it looks great, it's so colorful. This game is hilarious who doesn’t love claptrap. I particularly love the pop culture references, like the Tina Tina Assault on Dragon Keep and its dungeons and dragon references who doesn’t like a game of bunkers and badasses. 
  10. Zelda - This is one of the first I games ever experienced. I watched my brother play the Legend of Zelda on the NES. I used to sit and watch him play for hours occasionally helping him with the many puzzles in the game. I didn’t play this game myself until later but I did play a link to the past as soon as we got it, well when my brother wasn’t playing and totally loved it. The graphics at the time were beautiful the story was amazing and the gameplay was really fun. I then went back and played the first game and again I loved it. Roll on a few years to Christmas 1998 and my brother got the ocarina of time. This was a game changer everything about it was amazing even more so then link to the past. then there was Majora's Mask which is my absolute favorite mostly because it's very creeIy. I like the 3 day time mechanic which I had never experienced before. Each and every game Zelda game I have played has been great something new and fresh but the familiarity of the characters you love. All in all, I love Zelda and it's me favorite. 
This is probably the longest blog post I have ever written so thanks for reading.

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Hello fine fellow,

Can a post just be an amazing photo?

Yes, it can.

Photo by Toneagraphy on everything, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter find him he's great.

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz! 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bombshell Jessie Quick

So in my last post I spoke about my Jessie Quick. Well here is her story.

I saw this picture when looking at the other beautiful DC bombshells, I instantly fell in love.

As I mention in the Evie post I used the other side of the taped up mannequin to made the pattern for the top.

This is the prototype, to be honest I'm not 100% happy with this pattern, I think it needs so elastic in the bottom.
Because it was going to be the easier part I made the trousers, i just used a simple high waisted trouser pattern I shorted the legs top match the picture.

I learnt a new skill with this cosplay, Appliqué I had no idea what this was when I started. Basically I googled 'how to make patches' I was contemplating buying some patches rather then use appliqué but when I looked at some videos I thought it looked relatively easy so I gave it a go.

Applique is layering shapes of fabric on top of each other and sewing around the edges. 

I was really unhappy with my first attempt so I retried and you can see the difference.

Have a guess which is the second attempt in the comments?

After finishing the patches on the arms, I used the pattern to make the top.

I hemmed it with yellow bias tape then added the ties.

I drew lines down the leg with fabric pens.

The the apron was patterned free hand.

The last part of the costume was the bandana.

I hand drew on lightning bolts.

Next parts were the serving tray and boots.

Boots were easy I just spray painted then and added foam lightening bolts.

The serving tray was a plastic sundae cup painted inside with pink acrylic paint. The whip cream was white cotton fabric stuff with teddy bear stuffing. The cherry was fimo.

I thought was a nice touch would for my contact cards to be serving ticket.

I took her to MCM Birmingham and Food and Cosplay snapped this amazing shoot of me.

Can not wait to get her out again.

Thanks for reading.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bendy Benz

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Steam Punk Evie Frye

Hi Guys I'm back (in the voice of the creepy kid from Poltergeist)

Lets see how long this will last...

Right this post is on my Evie Frye which I finished a few days before MCM London.

I cut it bit fine as I always do but she turned out great. This will be a cosplay I will wear again and again.

So here is the reference art I started with...

Now I know some of the colouring is wrong and parts I couldn't do due to video game logic but overall I am super happy with how it turned out.

I started by making a pattern for the top, I had never done this be for so I looked through Youtube and found this really helpful video.

I adapted it obviously as I wasn't making that type of corset (in the end I didn't make a corset at all more on that later).

So I ducked taped my mannequin and drew a pattern on. One side I used for Evie the other side I used for Bombshell Flash, there will be a post about her soon enough.

I cut the pieces out and transferred them to pattern paper. I tested the pattern on some offcuts to see if it worked.

It did.

I then did it in the correct fabric. I used a green coutil as I said I was going to make a corset. This fabric is very rigid which was perfect for the effect I was going for.

I then added black bias accents to the coutil.

This is them pinned, this is when I was going to add the steel boning but the coutil was rigid enough that I didn't need the boning.

Once these were sewing in place, I made a pattern for a hood and a collar. I don't have pictures for this I'm not sure why. The hood is made from denim and the collar was purple and black polycotton with leatherette accents. Once the hood and collar were sewn on I added bias tape around the edges.

Its a pain buying fabric online as some time the colour isn't right. The first bias tape was a bit to bright.

See eww too bright.

I unpicked it and started on the leather work and skirt.

The skirt I free hand drew the pattern on the fabric. I used a pattern similar to a circle skirt but omitting the front panel.

To help with the leather work I got myself a walking foot and in worked wonders.

The patterns on the shoulders I drew onto tracing paper the rough pattern I wanted and cut out 2 pieces of leather and a piece of wadding and sewed it all together. The wadding really helped give the raised look when i sewed the accents on.

I finally got the right colour bias tape, I added this to it along with what will be the closing clasp. I used magnetic poppers to seal. The clasp wear made from coutil so they would be firm.

There are a few clasps on the back of the skirt where I used the same process.

Then I worked on the cape, this picture is self explanatory. Again I patterned this freehand.
I added the strips with buckles and sewed it to the shoulder piece.

At this point I added eyelets to the gaps and tied them up with brown laces.

I then made a shirt and trousers from basic Burda patterns I don't recall which ones. The trousers were high waisted. I had to dye the fabric for the trousers as I couldn't find the right fabric.

I then started on the right shoulder which was difficult because it was my first time using lights.

I patterned the right shoulder and sewed it together, I got some LED plastic tesla style lights.
I cut these down to size so they would fit in the holes I patterned in the shoulder. Before glueing these I feed EL wire through the holes and added a watch.

I glued the bulbs on then I made the back detailing out of foam.

The last 2 parts I made were the side arm and the cuff. I just patterned and sewed the accents.

Lastly I tried making a hidden blade but it turn out horribly so I bought a game replica because whats an assassin without her blade.

This was a costest I did before the con and her are a picture taken there.

I have some more photos to come which I share.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bendy Benz