How far I've come!

Today my Time Hop told me today that I started my first facebook page 3 years ago, a group page with my bestie Smell Bear (She does awesome commissions and make amazing shoes check her out).

Now that I have recently started my own page I thought I'd write a post on how far I have come in the last 3 years.

The first cosplay I decided to make was Anya Stroud from Gears Of War. People were making jokes that I look a little like her. I was awful, made of cardboard and badly painted.

Look at it.... My God....

Next was the Batman animated series, Harley Quinn.  This was my first attempt at sewing so I hindsight it wasn't too bad. However, I do need to remake this.

The next this I decided to make was Daedric armour. This was a bad idea I should've tried something a bit easier.

Next, I tried some sewing this time I used a pattern. I did Rogue from X-Men.
It started fairly simple but I did update it recently.

I updated too.

I'd say it looks a bit better.
Next was Alice Madness …

S.N.O.T Episode 8 - Winter Lights Cosplay

Hi Guys,

I have been asked to review the S.N.O.T Cosplay episodes. So I listened to the first cosplay podcast which featured Winter Lights Cosplay.

Well, firstly I love listening to people talk about Cosplay as it is such a passion of mine but hearing someone talking in the same passionate way that I do gives me a warm feeling.

It starts off asking simple questions on how Winter started how she got in to cosplay which was nice, being able to hear some one seeing people dressed up and asking whats this and people saying it's cosplay, I really related to this as this is how I got into cosplaying too.

Then the guys ask about what materials she uses and what was the hardest cosplay she ever made, which was a Zack Fair from Final Fanasty 7. She talked about the steps she has come from a cardboard buster sword to a full foam sword. It's nice to hear peoples progression when it comes to a cosplay.

Then they move on to the saucy stuff, the boudoir now this is a sore spot for me as I f…

Does the Vulture have a point…? Spider-Man Homecoming Review. SPOILERS!!

On Saturday I went and saw Spider-Man Homecoming. My first impression was I loved it.
First MCU Spider-Man outing and I was really impressed. Now I love the Toby Maguire (Sam Ramey) Spider-Man films there are nostalgia to me. So this film has lots to live up to.
After seeing Tom Holland in Civil War I automatically thought… best Spider-Man in film ever and this film just confirmed it.
Tom Holland not only does Spider-Man well he does Peter Parker well too. Firstly he is the correct age. Maguire was just a little too old for me, don’t get me wrong he was still great (including the emo dancing, fight me) but I don't think he was the right age for the origin story of Spids. I am glad that they didn't do another full origin story, it was just a passing comment which was nice. Holland seems to have perfect awkwardness as Parker and has perfect quips as Spids. 
The supporting cast was competent too, Ned has his funny part when he drops the death star on the flo…

My top 10 video games!!

Bendy, I hear you cry you sure do love Cosplay but what else do you love...?
Well, my fellows, I love video games and here are my top 10 video game franchise's 
American McGees Alice Madness Returns - This is a game based on a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. It incorporates two things that I find really interesting. Victorian London and the historical ways that mental health was treated. The game is stunning the contrast of the wonderland in the original story to the wonderland in the game which is dark and menacing. I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t played it go and play it now.Assassin's Creed - AC 3 was the first game I ever 100% on the XBox. I’ve got the all the achievements and I’m pretty proud of this. I like all the historical references albeit not alway historically accurate. I’m not great at stealth but with this game, you can decide if you want to go full on stealth or like I accidentally get caught and start bashing the attack button and kill…


Hello fine fellow,
Can a post just be an amazing photo?
Yes, it can.
Photo by Toneagraphy on everything, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter find him he's great.

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz! 

Bombshell Jessie Quick

So in my last post I spoke about my Jessie Quick. Well here is her story.

I saw this picture when looking at the other beautiful DC bombshells, I instantly fell in love.
As I mention in the Evie post I used the other side of the taped up mannequin to made the pattern for the top.
This is the prototype, to be honest I'm not 100% happy with this pattern, I think it needs so elastic in the bottom. Because it was going to be the easier part I made the trousers, i just used a simple high waisted trouser pattern I shorted the legs top match the picture.
I learnt a new skill with this cosplay, Appliqué I had no idea what this was when I started. Basically I googled 'how to make patches' I was contemplating buying some patches rather then use appliqué but when I looked at some videos I thought it looked relatively easy so I gave it a go.
Applique is layering shapes of fabric on top of each other and sewing around the edges. 
I was really unhappy with my first attempt so I retried …

Steam Punk Evie Frye

Hi Guys I'm back (in the voice of the creepy kid from Poltergeist)

Lets see how long this will last...

Right this post is on my Evie Frye which I finished a few days before MCM London.

I cut it bit fine as I always do but she turned out great. This will be a cosplay I will wear again and again.

So here is the reference art I started with...

Now I know some of the colouring is wrong and parts I couldn't do due to video game logic but overall I am super happy with how it turned out.
I started by making a pattern for the top, I had never done this be for so I looked through Youtube and found this really helpful video.
I adapted it obviously as I wasn't making that type of corset (in the end I didn't make a corset at all more on that later).
So I ducked taped my mannequin and drew a pattern on. One side I used for Evie the other side I used for Bombshell Flash, there will be a post about her soon enough.
I cut the pieces out and transferred them to pattern paper. I tested …