Vans Warped Tour

I realise I should have written about this last week but it seems I did not have the time.

I'm not going to do a review as I'm not overly confident with my ability to review anything I will just recount my day.

It started on a very cold very early Saturday morning. My day did start badly my car wouldn't start as my battery had died in the cold and I was already running late. My kind other half came out and jump started it for me, so I was off.

My next stop was to pick up four 15-16 year olds, you see I was chaperoning a group of 15-16 year old rockers. This is my first experience of chaperoning I believe I did a good job no one was killed or maimed so in my head a success was had.

Next place was the train station. Now Alexandra Palace is the hardest place to get too. We had to go to Clapham Junction then to London Victoria were we stopped for Subway. Next was Finsbury Park then finally Alexandra Palace. There is quite an uphill walk to the actual palace from the station so when we we got there I was dying. On the way a did take a picture of 'lovely London' as one of my teenagers put it.

As at all gigs there was a massive queue so we spent ages queuing to get in. when we finally got in our first stop was the merch area where much was purchased.

I will skip on a because I have forgotten most of bands I saw which I didn't know. I remember Crossfaith who where very good.

I took this selfie while watching Crossfaith I'm not really sure why. I saw others taking photos of the stage time so I thought I would too and I was told bloggers take selfies. Anyway I did manage to get Billy Talent stage time in there so I guess I'm happy with this selfie well apart from the fact I'm in it.

So onward we saw The Defiled......

I had heard of them before because a friend of mine LOVES them so I checked them out. I have to say their music was good and I had a little rock out but I was not fond of their look. I was a mixture of hair metal and goth not my type of thing. Each to their own and all that but not my cup of tea.

After this they were giving out freebies at the vert ramp. I got me a bandanna.

Billy Talent was next and a soon as I heard the first rift of Devil in a Midnight Mass I went MENTAL!!!!!! This is one of my favorite songs by Billy Talent so of course I was going to go slightly crazy.
I was dancing like a nutcase as I do at all gigs I believe this got the kids going to as they were all getting in to it. It seems kids these days don't want to make a fool out of them selves until a 26 year old does it first. I'm really don't understand kids today. They don't ever want to look like their having a good time.

The set list went like this:
Now I know its really bad of me but I'm an old school Billy Talent fan and have not listen to their newer stuff but everything played was amazing. Even if I didn't know the words.

The fact they played Line and Sinker and This is How it Goes surprised me as it was a bit old school needless to say I loved it.

The crowd went crazy for Try Honesty, Fallen Leaves and Red Flag obviously. Hearing that many people sing 'Fallen Leaves, Fallen Leaves, Fallen Leaves on the Groooooouuuuunnnd' just blew me away.

The played Devil On My Shoulder, which I think I have hears once or twice it. During this song Benjamin Kowalewicz had a very Freddie Mercury like performance asking the crowd to repeat 'Over and Over' after he sang 'Devil on my shoulder' which was a nice touch.

To finish on Red Flag was a good choice, although it wasn't a good choice for me to head band so hard during, thus crippling my neck for the next few days. It was well worth it though.

All in all Billy Talent were Sublime, epic, amazing and other positive adjectives.

I guess I did a bit of a review didn't I.

 Anyway moving next band was Parkway Drive.

Again I have only ever heard a few of their songs so I couldn't really sing along but musically they were very talented.

Then my phone run out or battery so I didn't take any more photo but headlining were Rise Against.

Now I like Rise Against but at this point my body had decided it had, had enough and also I had to make sure we didn't miss the last train home, so I can't really remember much about them and we had to miss half an hour of their set due to the trains.

In conclusion the best act for me is a bit obvious it was Billy Talent.

How to end, how to end I guess with a BYE and see you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to comment you know if you want.......



    "I believe I did a good job no one was killed or maimed so in my head a success was had." That definitely sounds like a success to me!


  2. I like this comment this is a nice comment! If you read that the way I said in my head I love you xox


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