Pepakura Part 2

Hi Guys,
Here are some updates on my pepakura project.
I started by making a helmet that fits.

See it fits. I was planning on just make the helmet just to see if I then I thought no I want a whole Daeric armour so next I thought I would make the breast plate.

So it started with this. I printed out the pattern the size it comes in I got half way through about 7 hours worth of work and realise it was far to small, so had to learn how to rescale the design. A little Google search helped.

So I started again.

This was the final result.



The next step is resin.

I resined both the helmets and the breast plate.

I added these pins for the nail effect.

The next step is Bondo.

Some sanding (but a lot more to go)

There are a lot more pieces to go on the actual amour but I wanted to start a weapon.

I'm making a bow.

I ran out of Bondo so this is all I have done for now.

Next is the shoulders.

I will keep you updated on my progress thanks for reading!


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