Let The Right One In

Good day all,

Today I had an adventure to London to see Let The Right One In.

Just so you know there will be spoilers so if you don't want to know what happens don't read on.

For those of you who don't know Let The Right One In is a fantastic book by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

It is the story of a lonely boy name Oskar and his relationship with a strange individual name Eli who so happens to be a centuries old vampire.

It focuses on the relationship between Eli and Oskar and the struggles they both have.

Oskar is bullied and ignored by his parents and Eli has to struggle to find blood to survive and deal with a uncomfortable relationship with Hakan a helper who helps Eli get blood in exchange for her 'love'.

It was staged at the Apollo Theatre.

I was dubious about how they would be able to stage the play as there are some disturbing scenes.

The stage was very minimalist. The ground was covered on snow there were tall trees all over the stage and a single climbing frame.

The first scene was a gruesome murder a man hung like a pig to drain his blood. I was not sure how they would complete this seen but it was done beautifully.

The portrayal of Oskar (Martin Quinn) was just fantastic he was awkward and funny just as he should be and this was seconded by the Eli (Rebecca Bronson) she has the innocence of a child and the brutality of a monster she was sublime.

There are a lot of gruesome scenes but there was not an overuse of blood. One scene that will stick with me forever was (if you are familiar with the story) when Eli walks in to Oskar's house without being invited. She looks in obvious pain and then blood runs down her face from her hair line. It was just fantastic.

 There was not a feel of using blood for the sake of using blood it was all subtle.

There were some many elements that I loved from the book which they staged. There was the acid ravaged face of Hakan and the pool scene.

I thought they wouldn't be able to stage the pool scene but they did amazingly. The simple climbing frame spun round and filled up with water and I have no idea how Oskar held his breath so long it was hard to watch.

My only one issue is that Eli did not look androgynous enough to be but I can let that go. 

It was an amazing show which I would recommend all day long. It is a real shame it closes at the end of September.

Go buy your tickets now..............


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