Penny Dreadful

****Disclaimer Spoilers****

So I've been watching Penny Dreadful over the last few weeks ans last night was the last episode so I thought I would write down what I thought about it. So when I saw the adverts for I thought it was just a Gothic drama set in Victorian London. Boy was I wrong lets do a run down on the characters.

Sir Malcolm Murray

Sir Malcolm is the main protagonist. He is an aged explorer. The story is centred around him and his quest to find his daughter, Mina, who has been taken by an entity known only as the master. (My bet is the master is none other then Dracula)

He shares his house with:

Vanessa Ives

Vanessa is essentially Sir Malcolm's adoptive daughter. He has known her all her life. Vanessa has a creepy and sad story. She was a mischievous child who got herself into trouble in her teens by ruining the soon to be marriage between Mina and her prince charming. After this she is overwhelmed with guilt and becomes hysterical she is institutionalised. She doesn't seem to get any better so her parents decide to lobotomise her. After being bed ridden by the lobotomy she is visited by the devil, a deal is stricken and Vanessa is given a new lease of life and powers to match.

Next is Ethan Chandler

He is a sharp shooter in a travelling show from the States. He is hired by Sir Malcolm to help in his quest.
Ethan has a secret he is actually a Werewolf. His keen senses help him with this marksmanship. His background is kind of shady but I think he left some bodies back in the states.

Dr Victor Frankenstein

His character is based after he created his first 'Creature', its starts with him trying again create a new 'creature'. This creature seems to be more friendly. His success is short lived when the 'Creature' returns.

The Creature

After being abandoned by Dr Frankenstein he feel hated by normal people. After one he is shown kindness by someone he he starts to long for love. After finding Frankenstein again and being rejected he makes a request for a bride.

There a few miner characters

Van Helsing

Not much to say about him apart from he's Van Fucking Helsing.

Brona Croft

The love interest of Ethan she is dying of consumption. She may even become the Bride.

Dorian Gray

Although we have not seen his portrait I believe his story will be pretty traditional. He is the the love interest of Vanessa.

Lastly there is Sembene

Not a lot is known about him he is Sir Malcolm's man servant. He is probably a tribesman from one of Sir Malcolm expeditions.  

The series moulds together all of the key characters of Victorian horror literature and does it seamlessly. 

The series was very compelling. A roller-coaster ride, hating characters on minute a loving them the next. For example Sir Malcolm there a times you think he is he is very selfish only caring about saving his daughter but then he sacrifices her for Vanessa and exclaims that she is his daughter.

There is a lot of mystery around most of the characters not really fully knowing their histories which make you come back for more.

The only character you know the full story for is Vanessa but this helps you understand her and really love her.

Overall bloody loved this series and cannot wait for the next one let know what you think.

Lots of love 



  1. I have not watched this but I want to, so I'm skipping past the post and just wanted to let you know that you're awesome. xx

    1. Yeah there are some spoilers in there watch it its awesome xox


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