Overdone Cosplay

So I have been thinking about this for a while now and here are my top 5 overdone cosplays.

5. Arkham City Harley Quinn.

It seems cosplay is all about BOOBS!! and what a way to show them off is with this cosplay.

4. Moxxie

Another booby one its seems that people without imagination go for boobs.

But if you really look at her you can see she is a bit of an ugly trollop.

3. Any Ninja from Naruto

They are everywhere.

These don't annoy me as much as booby cosplay but the head bands tend to blind me when there are millions of them in a row.

2. Deadpool

Now I love the merc with a mouth he's awesome but seeing a sea of red and black is a tad annoying.

1. Elsa Frozen

Not only is it a overdone cosplay it is a really over hyped movie that everyone seems to love for some unknown reason and the fact you see them everywhere boils the blood.

Look at her smug face I just want to punch her in face.

So these are my overdone cosplays let me know what you this is overdone.

Leave a comment if you agree or if you disagree just let me know.

Thanks peeps......


  1. Oh god the Naruto ninjas, everywhere, all the time!

    1. You have to prey it's not sunny or you will be blinded xox

  2. Screw you! I like the Frozen cosplay! I'm going to wear one every time I see you! Xx


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