Pepakura Part 3

Hi all,

Two posts in two days can you believe it....

Well today I have been working on my Daedric amour and thought I would share it with you my progress. So you can see where I started with Pepakura and Pepakura Part 2 shows some of the progress.

I did a lot today and I'm quite proud of the work I did today.

During the week I finished folding and gluing the gauntlets, which was the last bit I needed to do that too.

I cut the breast plate in to four pieces to make it easier to sand and so I can actually put it on.

I also applied resin to the boots, gauntlets and torso pieces. As well as putting bondo on the quiver.

Now that all the pieces are made I need to start applying bondo to everything. I ran out of bondo today so I couldn't do any more today.

Pieces that need bondo.

Shoulder pieces
Torso pieces

So there is still lot of work to be done so all of my weekend will be spent making this and week nights will be gaming, you see I have been given a challenge to get to 20,000gs by the end of the but more on that soon.

Thanks for reading!


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