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Cosplay WIP

I just wanted to share a bit more of my Cosplay work in progress.
Daedric Armour is coming along nicely.
I finished sanding.

All the piece sanded ready for paint.

Got as much a I could painted until I ran out of spray paint.
The next thing I'm working in is the Cheshire Cat from Alice Madness Returns.
I am using a different medium on this I am using Worbla.
Worbla I just brilliant you heat it and it becomes pliable, then you mould it in to shape and it hardens this way.
This is what I've done so far.

Its very messy but I think I am doing well with it.
Please let me know what you think of my WIP.
Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz.


So this week as definitely been Destiny week with the release of Bungie's (the makers of the Halo Series) new epic game Destiny.

Quite frankly I am loving it... I pre-ordered the Limited Edition but I am a little disappointed I didn't order the ghosts addition and got my hands on my very own ghost.

I didn't get a ghost but I did get some other bits.

So what did I get.

A steel box case for the game.

A star chart. This will go nicely on my wall.

Some post cards from the planets you can visit in the game.

A letter to all Guardians.

A nice case to put it in.

And a book outlining all the weapons and classes.

This is the class that I choose the Warlock. 
And this is her.

The graphics are stunning in this game from the wind blowing through grass and the ripples in the water when your dancing in it. Yes you read that right dancing for the first half hour of getting the game we were dancing at one point we had 6 people dancing in a circle. For those that don't know the game is …

Daedric Armour - Which Skyrim race should I be?

Hi there,

I have mocked up some face paints for my Daedric armour.
Instagram seems to like Bosmer most I quite like the Orc what do you think?

Leave me a comment on which you like most.
Thanks your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz!

Living with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

Hi all,
I only really ever write about cosplay and gaming as they are my passions but today I wanted to get a bit serious on you.
I learnt at 16 I have dyslexia, this is a late age to find out so people just thought I was lazy or stupid for not being able to spell things correctly or write coherent sentences. Then at 24 I found out I have dyspraxia too so that was my clumsiness explained.
What I don't think people realise is how hard life can be struggling with these aliments I will call them. My brain doesn't work the same as a normal brain it takes me longer to type, it takes me longer to note things down regular things take a lot more time for me. I forgot things a lot get distracted easily. I get letters and number mixed up and I don't notice that I've done it. I can look at that number for 10 minutes and I'll still think it's right. When I'm speaking I muddle my words up so I look thick.
It took me 7 years to learn to drive, I walk into things beca…