Living with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

Hi all,

I only really ever write about cosplay and gaming as they are my passions but today I wanted to get a bit serious on you.

I learnt at 16 I have dyslexia, this is a late age to find out so people just thought I was lazy or stupid for not being able to spell things correctly or write coherent sentences. Then at 24 I found out I have dyspraxia too so that was my clumsiness explained.

What I don't think people realise is how hard life can be struggling with these aliments I will call them.
My brain doesn't work the same as a normal brain it takes me longer to type, it takes me longer to note things down regular things take a lot more time for me. I forgot things a lot get distracted easily. I get letters and number mixed up and I don't notice that I've done it. I can look at that number for 10 minutes and I'll still think it's right. When I'm speaking I muddle my words up so I look thick.

It took me 7 years to learn to drive, I walk into things because I'm not sure how far I am away from them. This is a massive problem when your driving the concentration on long journeys really takes it out of you. Actually the concentration in short journeys takes it out of you too.

What takes a normal person 5 minutes can take me 10 even 15 and it takes a lot more effort so I'm constantly tired which doesn't help as it's worse when I'm tired. It's so frustrating that it can cause me to feel really low. I'm trying my hardest to get things right but I don't.

I find it hard to communicate what I want to some times and can come off as rude. I have been known to be tactless and say things without thinking, which my friends find amusing but has often gotten me in to trouble in the work place.

I have a tendency to miss off 's' on the end of words making my writing hard to read.
I bet you're wondering why I wrote this? Well I over heard someone reading a email out where the words were all muddled up like I do of I don't proof read properly and they were all laughing and saying they were stupid and it doesn't make any sense they haven't even tried. And this really fucked me off they don't know whether that person is dyslexic and genuinely thought they had written that email properly they just mocked them without a thought.

So I wrote this post to spread some awareness and also so you can understand why sometimes my blog might not be as articulate as others, there may be grammatical and spelling errors. So please don't laugh and mock my blog because of this I'm not lazy and not all that stupid. I just cannot see mistakes that I have made.

Thank you for reading....

If you do find any mistake please correct me I enjoy learning from them but please do it nicely.
Your friendly neighbourhood BendyBenz....


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