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The House Of Night - Not really a review but what I think of it....

Hello All,

I hope you are all very well this fine Sunday.

So yesterday I finished Redeemed the last book in the House Of Night.

I have been reading these books since about 2010 is started reading them a little late as the first book came out in 2007.

The series is made up of 12 books and 4 novellas.

The books are:


The novellas are:

Dragon's Oath
Lenobia's Vow
Nerefet's Curse
Kalona's Fall

This series is essentially about a vampire finishing school The House Of Night. The vampires in these books are different to traditional vampires, they are marked as vampires as teenagers by the Goddess Nyx and not every fledgling vampire makes the Change.

The story follows a young fledgling called Zoey Redbird. She is gifted by the Goddess and tasked to save the world for vampire and human a like. While dealing with her new powers she also has to deal with normal teenage woes.

The books ar…

Destination Star Trek

So last weekend Mike and I went to the fantastic Destination Star Trek.
It was held at the London Excel it was a 3 day event which held the cream of the crop of the Star Trek world being a Trekkie myself I had to go.The day started with a failed Guiness world record attempt. In 2012 the first Destination Star Trek beat the world record of most people dress in Star Trek uniforms. I was not part of this unfortunately but I tried this time with an original series red dress which I love. We didn't beat it but I got a selfie a borg so it turned out great for me. After this we entered the exhibition hall. This year I found the stalls a bit sparse there wasn't as many in 2012 yes it gave you more room to move but there wasn't has much selection. We walked around some of the stalls and decided to get our autograph tokens.We chose Jeri Ryan (my girl crush), Karl Urban (my guy crush), Robert Picardo and Tim Russ. As Robert Picardo was close we went straight to him. He was polite an…