The House Of Night - Not really a review but what I think of it....

Hello All,

I hope you are all very well this fine Sunday.

So yesterday I finished Redeemed the last book in the House Of Night.

I have been reading these books since about 2010 is started reading them a little late as the first book came out in 2007.

The series is made up of 12 books and 4 novellas.

The books are:


The novellas are:

Dragon's Oath
Lenobia's Vow
Nerefet's Curse
Kalona's Fall

This series is essentially about a vampire finishing school The House Of Night. The vampires in these books are different to traditional vampires, they are marked as vampires as teenagers by the Goddess Nyx and not every fledgling vampire makes the Change.

The story follows a young fledgling called Zoey Redbird. She is gifted by the Goddess and tasked to save the world for vampire and human a like. While dealing with her new powers she also has to deal with normal teenage woes.

The books are cleverly written by P.C Cast and her Daughter Kristen. The stories evolve through the series much like the characters.  The way the character a written is beautiful you really feel for these fledgling and vampires. The novellas bring completed back stories in the picture bring understanding to these characters making you really feel for them.
My favourite thing about these books are the pop culture references portraying the characters as normal teenagers in a paranormal life. I love the way the Cast's combine the two in perfect harmony. Perfect example is researching spells using an iPad and a battle between darkness and light caught on a camera phone and instantly uploaded to YouTube.

You find your self relating to the characters, we all know an Aphrodite, the mean sarcastic one you grow to love because you know she speaks the truth. We all know an Erik the hot guy all the girls want. You place your best friends face on Stevie Rae as they are just like her.

I can honestly say I love these books they are expertly written, engaging I couldn't ever put them down. I am going to miss Zoey and the nerd herd but in my mind they live long happy lives until they are eventually reunited with Nyx in the Otherworld.

Thank you P.C and Kristen Cast for giving me 4 years of beautiful stories that have made me laugh and cry.

If you haven't read these book I would highly recommended them, if you have read the let me know what you thought.

Thanks for reading.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bendy Benz


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    1. That you are.... you are covered in red tattoos and have an affinity for earth.... I hope your happy with that xox


  2. Bendy, thank you for your heartfelt, lovely review! Kristin and I appreciate you and wish you love...always love!


    1. Thank you for reading and creating such a great world which I have loved for 4 years and will continue to love and share xox


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