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2015 A Year Of Growth

Hello there,
I haven't written in a long while but seeing as it is now 2015 I thought I would try and write more. 2014 wasn't the greatest year to be honest but I won't get all emotional on you, that year is over and this year is the year of positive thinking.
I'm going to start by trying to make a plan. There are a few things I would like to do and if I write them down I am more likely to do them.
I would like to start a YouTube channel. If you have read my post Living with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia you know that expressing myself in the written word is hard for me, so I thought I would try a different medium. It also gives me the chance to learn a new skill, video editing which I have always wanted to learn. 
I would like to grow this blog. I recently got a new laptop and now it is easier to post on here so I would like to start writing more posts and not just Cosplay I would like to make it more life style based and start doing reviews of games, cons, books, films all …