Monday, May 25, 2015

Rogue From X-Men: The Animated Series

Hello all,

This is me trying to post more.

So while I was away I decided to cosplay Rogue. So this is what happened.

Firstly I used a pattern which makes life a whole lot easier.

So I started with the yellow part of the suit, when I started I had no idea how I was going to put the yellow and the green together. There was an option of an overlay but my straight stitch isn't great so I decided to make a separate green unitard cut out the parts needed and sew them together. It worked out really well.

It's not perfect but nothing I make is.

Next I made the shirt again I used a pattern.

This pattern was fairly easy. I did buy the patches there was no way I could make those with my current skill set.

Next was the boots, this was really hard and I went in blind. So I took an old pair of boots I had which where knee highs to make them thigh highs I glued some craft foam to the top. I then cut out some fabric out around my legs, I sewed the seams and glued them too the boot. I then sewed green strips on them and added zips and voila the boots where done.

Next was the belt, I made the buckle out of worbla and painted it with acrylics. Then added a strap that matched the shirt.

The wig was a bit difficult as I had to cut 2 wigs and sew them together and style it.

I used pin curls as curling tongs would burn the wig. It worked and the result was this.

I also made the head band just a simple sew job.

I will be properly cosplaying this at the London Film and Comic Con, but as I said in my previous post I trailed it out at my friends birthday party and here are a few photos from that night. Overall I am happy with the result.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Moving, holidays and more Cosplay

Ohhhhh wow it been a long time since I wrote anything, it's mostly because I moved in January and haven't had internet since then... It only got installed on Friday.

So here I am writing again, while I have not have internet I've mostly been gaming and making Cosplay so the usual.

So other big things I did:


So this was very stressful as you can imagine and without internet or T.V for a while I went a bit stir crazy for a while but I did manage to make my house just the way I wanted it. I now have a craft room for all my cosplay needs, a game room for all my gaming needs, a big kitchen and living area for all my normal needs and lastly I set up my display case... Full of all my nerd and I love it.

My Craft Room

Its just a small room which is mostly a mess as I'm constantly working in there and I do feel i should tidy it until I've finished what I'm currently doing.

Here it is when it was clean.

My Game Room

It consists of a sofa bed, T.V, Xbox one, Xbox 360, a Wii, various games for each console, my collection of autographs and a few targets we shot in Vegas.

My Display Case.

A whole bunch of awesome.


I went to Las Vegas... really all I'm going to do here is bombard you with photos!!

That was but a few of the photos taken.


And I did some cosplay of course.

Went to my friends 30th birthday party and tried out my Rogue.

Also Robin was there.

I have also been working on my Cheshire Cat cosplay but I'll be back with that later.

Well this is what I've done over the last few months, I'll try and post more I promise.

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz!