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Rogue From X-Men: The Animated Series

Hello all,

This is me trying to post more.

So while I was away I decided to cosplay Rogue. So this is what happened.

Firstly I used a pattern which makes life a whole lot easier.

So I started with the yellow part of the suit, when I started I had no idea how I was going to put the yellow and the green together. There was an option of an overlay but my straight stitch isn't great so I decided to make a separate green unitard cut out the parts needed and sew them together. It worked out really well.

It's not perfect but nothing I make is.

Next I made the shirt again I used a pattern.

This pattern was fairly easy. I did buy the patches there was no way I could make those with my current skill set.

Next was the boots, this was really hard and I went in blind. So I took an old pair of boots I had which where knee highs to make them thigh highs I glued some craft foam to the top. I then cut out some fabric out around my legs, I sewed the seams and glued them too the boot. I then sew…

Moving, holidays and more Cosplay

Ohhhhh wow it been a long time since I wrote anything, it's mostly because I moved in January and haven't had internet since then... It only got installed on Friday.

So here I am writing again, while I have not have internet I've mostly been gaming and making Cosplay so the usual.

So other big things I did:


So this was very stressful as you can imagine and without internet or T.V for a while I went a bit stir crazy for a while but I did manage to make my house just the way I wanted it. I now have a craft room for all my cosplay needs, a game room for all my gaming needs, a big kitchen and living area for all my normal needs and lastly I set up my display case... Full of all my nerd and I love it.

My Craft Room

Its just a small room which is mostly a mess as I'm constantly working in there and I do feel i should tidy it until I've finished what I'm currently doing.

Here it is when it was clean.

My Game Room

It consists of a sofa bed, T.V, Xbox one, Xbox 3…