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Ruby Part 2


I gone and did it again I left it ages to write anything. In my defence I have been massively busy making things and going (and guesting) to cons.
I haven't had to much time to myself but I did in this time finish a few projects one of them being Ruby.

So here are the last steps in finishing the cosplay.

A few days after I finished the cloak from the last post I started work on the waistcoat and skirt.
They were made with very easy patterns from simplicity check it out HERE (Cape pattern is HERE I don't think I linked it before)
The skirt is crushed velvet and the waist coat was actually green dress lining. 
Then it sat like this for ages until I got off my bum and finished her.
I wasn't happy that the waistcoat wasn't patterned so I decided I would paint it.
Using metallic fabric paints I painted a few patterns and flowers on it so it was closer to the pattern in the show.

I then made the shirt using the same pattern as the waistcoat and skirt. I made this from Ch…

Ruby The Start!!!

So with LFCC over and the post con blues well and truly in bedded in my mind, I have decided to start on my cosplays for MCM in October.

I am staring with Ruby from Once Up A Time. There are 2 others I have planned but I will post about those soon enough.

I started with the most important part the cloak.
This the first time I have used this much fabric. It's safe to say there isn't enough space in my living room so I had to work outside which was nice in todays weather.

After I had cut all the pieces I took them inside to work on with my brand new sewing machine. I have never had a sewing machine that is so smooth.

I followed the pattern which was really straight forward. There was only 6 pieces so you would think it would be. I sewed all the pieces together. I did the same with the lining. I usually lazy and don't line so this was a challenge but it worked out really well.

I then sewed the hood and hood lining together and added it to the main part of the cloak.

Lastly I …

The London Film and Comic Con

Hi Folks,

So its that time of year again, CON SEASON!! So I have been tirelessly working at getting my cosplays finished for them.

I did Evie Frye for MCM Expo in May and Killer Quinn at Film and comic con Bright but these aren't the cons I want to speak about!

I want to talk about the London Film and Comic Con. This is the first convention where I have done all 3 days and boy did I have a time.

I went last year although it was fun it was very crowded and very hot. This year they definitely learnt from last year.  They opened up more areas so there was more space in general. I never felt claustrophobic at any point which was a nice change from last year.
I was a little bit disappointed at the fact Ron Pearlman cancelled last minute but he had scheduling conflicts so it wasn't his fault, i did get my photo with Elden Henson who was a ruddy nice bloke.
The big the part of my weekend was the cosplay contests, I decided to enter the professional cosplay contests on Saturday and Su…