Ruby The Start!!!

So with LFCC over and the post con blues well and truly in bedded in my mind, I have decided to start on my cosplays for MCM in October.

I am staring with Ruby from Once Up A Time. There are 2 others I have planned but I will post about those soon enough.

Enchanted Forest Ruby
I started with the most important part the cloak.

This the first time I have used this much fabric. It's safe to say there isn't enough space in my living room so I had to work outside which was nice in todays weather.

Got slightly windy pet food cans work well

After I had cut all the pieces I took them inside to work on with my brand new sewing machine. I have never had a sewing machine that is so smooth.

I followed the pattern which was really straight forward. There was only 6 pieces so you would think it would be. I sewed all the pieces together. I did the same with the lining. I usually lazy and don't line so this was a challenge but it worked out really well.

I then sewed the hood and hood lining together and added it to the main part of the cloak.

Lastly I hemmed it.

All in all it took about 4 hours which isn't too bad.

The finished product.

Next probably tomorrow I will work on the skirt.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Ruby cloak and are looking forward to seeing the rest come together.

All the best your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz.


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