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Ruby Part 2


I gone and did it again I left it ages to write anything. In my defence I have been massively busy making things and going (and guesting) to cons.
I haven't had to much time to myself but I did in this time finish a few projects one of them being Ruby.

So here are the last steps in finishing the cosplay.

A few days after I finished the cloak from the last post I started work on the waistcoat and skirt.
They were made with very easy patterns from simplicity check it out HERE (Cape pattern is HERE I don't think I linked it before)
The skirt is crushed velvet and the waist coat was actually green dress lining. 
Then it sat like this for ages until I got off my bum and finished her.
I wasn't happy that the waistcoat wasn't patterned so I decided I would paint it.
Using metallic fabric paints I painted a few patterns and flowers on it so it was closer to the pattern in the show.

I then made the shirt using the same pattern as the waistcoat and skirt. I made this from Ch…