Does the Vulture have a point…? Spider-Man Homecoming Review. SPOILERS!!


On Saturday I went and saw Spider-Man Homecoming. My first impression was I loved it.

First MCU Spider-Man outing and I was really impressed. Now I love the Toby Maguire (Sam Ramey) Spider-Man films there are nostalgia to me. So this film has lots to live up to.

After seeing Tom Holland in Civil War I automatically thought… best Spider-Man in film ever and this film just confirmed it.

Tom Holland not only does Spider-Man well he does Peter Parker well too. Firstly he is the correct age. Maguire was just a little too old for me, don’t get me wrong he was still great (including the emo dancing, fight me) but I don't think he was the right age for the origin story of Spids. I am glad that they didn't do another full origin story, it was just a passing comment which was nice. Holland seems to have perfect awkwardness as Parker and has perfect quips as Spids. 

The supporting cast was competent too, Ned has his funny part when he drops the death star on the floor after finding out Peter is spids. I personally found that quite amusing. Michelle not sure if I like the fact that she was revealed as MJ but she had a sarcastic tone to everything she said which I love. Flash is a dick… need I say more. Liz was a bit 2 dimensional for me she gave more depth to Vulture then really having any substance herself. Aunt May I love Aunt May as this young hip figure i thing it makes more sense in a real life timeline.

Lastly, there is the Adrian Toomes the Vulture. Going back to the title of this blog did he have a point? Well yes, but he went about it in the wrong way. He was just trying to provide for his family and his opportunity was taken away from him. In the words of the Joker ‘all it takes in one bad day’ and like the Joker, Vulture takes the bad route. He is the complete parallel to Peter. Although not explicitly shown in this movie if we go by the source material you could assume that Peters Uncle Ben has died, That was Peters bad day. Peter uses this to fight crime whereas Vulture uses his bad day to do crime, complete opposites.

The thing that differs the Vulture from other villains is that he is not overtly evil, he’s not setting out to kill the world or anything like that he is just trying to make so money to support his family.

What I think highlights this quality is Michael Keaton, he is just the best. His portrayal is lovable. He has every chance to kill Peter but he doesn't. Peter returns the favour in the last battle, which I think leads to Vulture not revealing who he is while in the prison.

All in all, Spider-Man was a great first outing for the MCU Spider-Man and I would highly recommend it.

This is me your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz signing off.

What did you think of Spider-Man Homecoming? Who’s you favourite Spider-Man? Let me know in the comments……BYEEEEE!!!


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