How far I've come!

Today my Time Hop told me today that I started my first facebook page 3 years ago, a group page with my bestie Smell Bear (She does awesome commissions and make amazing shoes check her out).

Now that I have recently started my own page I thought I'd write a post on how far I have come in the last 3 years.

The first cosplay I decided to make was Anya Stroud from Gears Of War. People were making jokes that I look a little like her. I was awful, made of cardboard and badly painted.

Look at it.... My God....

Next was the Batman animated series, Harley Quinn.  This was my first attempt at sewing so I hindsight it wasn't too bad. However, I do need to remake this.

The next this I decided to make was Daedric armour. This was a bad idea I should've tried something a bit easier.

Next, I tried some sewing this time I used a pattern. I did Rogue from X-Men.

It started fairly simple but I did update it recently.

I updated too.

I'd say it looks a bit better.

Next was Alice Madness Returns Cheshire Cat. First time using worbla.... Never again apart from my power fist.

Then it was my late but lucky also from Madness Returns. This is where I started to realise I could sew better than I thought.

After that was my Vault Dweller which was the first cosplay to be featured on a page and be photographed professionally.

Then it was my Roller derby, Harley Quinn.

After this, I made my first Evie Frye.

Then it was 3 in a row, Hysteria, Vulpes Inculta and another Harley.

Then I made a Victorian dress from a Victorian pattern which was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Then I made a few Star Trek uniforms.

Next was Mags Black and Psylocke.

Then, I made my second Evie Frye, Fight Club and Hilda for the same con.

I then started to expand my skills a little by learning new things like applique. This help with the making of Bombshell Flash.

What followed this it was Zelda.

Then I went full out difficult with Steam Punk Evie which you have seen in several posts but here's another picture.

Now I'm working on Mipha. Which has been a challenge?

Anyway, you can see the improvements and there is plenty more improvement to come.

Thanks for reading,

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz



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