My top 10 video games!!

Bendy, I hear you cry you sure do love Cosplay but what else do you love...?

Well, my fellows, I love video games and here are my top 10 video game franchise's 

  1. American McGees Alice Madness Returns - This is a game based on a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. It incorporates two things that I find really interesting. Victorian London and the historical ways that mental health was treated. The game is stunning the contrast of the wonderland in the original story to the wonderland in the game which is dark and menacing. I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t played it go and play it now.
  2. Assassin's Creed - AC 3 was the first game I ever 100% on the XBox. I’ve got the all the achievements and I’m pretty proud of this. I like all the historical references albeit not alway historically accurate. I’m not great at stealth but with this game, you can decide if you want to go full on stealth or like I accidentally get caught and start bashing the attack button and kill the hell out of everyone…. just love it. Also, Syndicate is set in Victorian England whats not to love about that, I absolutely adore Victorian England...  The DLC is Jack the Ripper need I say more?
  3. Halo - These games are just beautiful, the lore is out of this world (see what I did there?) The music is spot on when you boot up the game and hear the iconic hum, how can you not get excited by that. The levels are fun the story is amazing the enemies are funny, you know who I'm talking about, Grunts are the worst soldiers ever. There not much more I can say about it everybody knows Halo.
  4. Batman: Arkham Series - I love Batman and if you do too this is the game for you. The stories are fantastic the gameplay is fun. Who doesn’t love to button bashing?
  5. Pokemon - This is nostalgia for me… watching the anime then getting my game boy out and catch all dems Pokemon….. I love yellow who doesn’t love Pichaku following you about. I defiantly got lavender town syndrome…I didn’t really I lied. 
  6. Bioshock - This is one of the firs, first person games I played and was actually fairly good at. It's creepy and dark and the twist is just mind blowing. Don’t worry no spoilers here… However, if you haven’t played it finish reading this and go and get it. I’m not the biggest fan of infinite but that doesn’t taint the first two they are just amazing.
  7. Elder Scrolls - The first elder scrolls game I played was Skyrim so I didn’t really play these in order and honestly I haven’t played Daggerfall or Arena. However, the ones I have played I really enjoyed. Basically, the games are totally immersive there's so much to do you can play in your own way. You can do side quests or main story, wonder about taking in the scenery or just kill all the shit.  I know that Elder Scrolls online gets a bad wrap but I think they did a good job making a console MMO, and it plays like a usual Elder Scrolls game I thought the story was good and the replayability is high as you can play different races, classes, factions or just beat the crap out of kids on PVP and now with Morrowind you have no excuses not to play it.
  8. Fallout - I’ll be honest here again I haven’t played the first 2 games but I have played from 3 onwards and will play any fallout they will bring out. I like the stories and the large open world and the never-ending side quests. Also, the morality system is quite cool. Again these games are so immersive, I found myself putting o 4 at 10 in the morning looking at the click and somehow its 7 in the evening and you haven't eaten or showered or said a word to your loved ones.
  9. Borderlands - The main reasons I love these games are the characters and humor. I really love the cell shading I think it looks great, it's so colorful. This game is hilarious who doesn’t love claptrap. I particularly love the pop culture references, like the Tina Tina Assault on Dragon Keep and its dungeons and dragon references who doesn’t like a game of bunkers and badasses. 
  10. Zelda - This is one of the first I games ever experienced. I watched my brother play the Legend of Zelda on the NES. I used to sit and watch him play for hours occasionally helping him with the many puzzles in the game. I didn’t play this game myself until later but I did play a link to the past as soon as we got it, well when my brother wasn’t playing and totally loved it. The graphics at the time were beautiful the story was amazing and the gameplay was really fun. I then went back and played the first game and again I loved it. Roll on a few years to Christmas 1998 and my brother got the ocarina of time. This was a game changer everything about it was amazing even more so then link to the past. then there was Majora's Mask which is my absolute favorite mostly because it's very creeIy. I like the 3 day time mechanic which I had never experienced before. Each and every game Zelda game I have played has been great something new and fresh but the familiarity of the characters you love. All in all, I love Zelda and it's me favorite. 
This is probably the longest blog post I have ever written so thanks for reading.

Your friendly neighbourhood Bendy Benz.


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