S.N.O.T Episode 8 - Winter Lights Cosplay

Hi Guys,

I have been asked to review the S.N.O.T Cosplay episodes. So I listened to the first cosplay podcast which featured Winter Lights Cosplay.

Well, firstly I love listening to people talk about Cosplay as it is such a passion of mine but hearing someone talking in the same passionate way that I do gives me a warm feeling.

It starts off asking simple questions on how Winter started how she got in to cosplay which was nice, being able to hear some one seeing people dressed up and asking whats this and people saying it's cosplay, I really related to this as this is how I got into cosplaying too.

Then the guys ask about what materials she uses and what was the hardest cosplay she ever made, which was a Zack Fair from Final Fanasty 7. She talked about the steps she has come from a cardboard buster sword to a full foam sword. It's nice to hear peoples progression when it comes to a cosplay.

Then they move on to the saucy stuff, the boudoir now this is a sore spot for me as I feel like this is the only way to get likes and I don't have the confidence to do so it is a complete jealousy thing for me, but what Winter does which is really nice is keeps her boudoir and cosplay pages separate. She does this because she has younger followers on her cosplay page I got the impression that she separates them so that younger cosplayer don't feel they have to do boudoir to be popular. Which I absolutely love. Go, Winter thanks for being a good role model.

Winter is very positive and gives so great advice for first-time cosplayers. She seems to be a lovely cosplayer and I have looked at her stuff and it's insanely good.

If you want to listen to the podcast yourself nip on over to Loud Bunch Media on Soundcloud.

I'll be posting reviews on the episodes when ever I can.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bendy Benz!!


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