Steam Punk Evie Frye

Hi Guys I'm back (in the voice of the creepy kid from Poltergeist)

Lets see how long this will last...

Right this post is on my Evie Frye which I finished a few days before MCM London.

I cut it bit fine as I always do but she turned out great. This will be a cosplay I will wear again and again.

So here is the reference art I started with...

Now I know some of the colouring is wrong and parts I couldn't do due to video game logic but overall I am super happy with how it turned out.

I started by making a pattern for the top, I had never done this be for so I looked through Youtube and found this really helpful video.

I adapted it obviously as I wasn't making that type of corset (in the end I didn't make a corset at all more on that later).

So I ducked taped my mannequin and drew a pattern on. One side I used for Evie the other side I used for Bombshell Flash, there will be a post about her soon enough.

I cut the pieces out and transferred them to pattern paper. I tested the pattern on some offcuts to see if it worked.

It did.

I then did it in the correct fabric. I used a green coutil as I said I was going to make a corset. This fabric is very rigid which was perfect for the effect I was going for.

I then added black bias accents to the coutil.

This is them pinned, this is when I was going to add the steel boning but the coutil was rigid enough that I didn't need the boning.

Once these were sewing in place, I made a pattern for a hood and a collar. I don't have pictures for this I'm not sure why. The hood is made from denim and the collar was purple and black polycotton with leatherette accents. Once the hood and collar were sewn on I added bias tape around the edges.

Its a pain buying fabric online as some time the colour isn't right. The first bias tape was a bit to bright.

See eww too bright.

I unpicked it and started on the leather work and skirt.

The skirt I free hand drew the pattern on the fabric. I used a pattern similar to a circle skirt but omitting the front panel.

To help with the leather work I got myself a walking foot and in worked wonders.

The patterns on the shoulders I drew onto tracing paper the rough pattern I wanted and cut out 2 pieces of leather and a piece of wadding and sewed it all together. The wadding really helped give the raised look when i sewed the accents on.

I finally got the right colour bias tape, I added this to it along with what will be the closing clasp. I used magnetic poppers to seal. The clasp wear made from coutil so they would be firm.

There are a few clasps on the back of the skirt where I used the same process.

Then I worked on the cape, this picture is self explanatory. Again I patterned this freehand.
I added the strips with buckles and sewed it to the shoulder piece.

At this point I added eyelets to the gaps and tied them up with brown laces.

I then made a shirt and trousers from basic Burda patterns I don't recall which ones. The trousers were high waisted. I had to dye the fabric for the trousers as I couldn't find the right fabric.

I then started on the right shoulder which was difficult because it was my first time using lights.

I patterned the right shoulder and sewed it together, I got some LED plastic tesla style lights.
I cut these down to size so they would fit in the holes I patterned in the shoulder. Before glueing these I feed EL wire through the holes and added a watch.

I glued the bulbs on then I made the back detailing out of foam.

The last 2 parts I made were the side arm and the cuff. I just patterned and sewed the accents.

Lastly I tried making a hidden blade but it turn out horribly so I bought a game replica because whats an assassin without her blade.

This was a costest I did before the con and her are a picture taken there.

I have some more photos to come which I share.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bendy Benz


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