About Me

I'm Bendy Benz, a cosplayer from the South East. I have been making costumes and been going to conventions for the last 3 year but I have been dressing up all my life.

I am also into films, T.V, comics, gaming and pretty much all things nerd. Which was not that great growing up but it has made me who I am today.

I will always cosplay characters I absolutely love, but mostly from games, comics and T.V.

I have come along way in the last 3 years, everything I have learnt has been learned through trial and error, asking fellow cosplayers and of course the wonderful world of YouTube. I have not had any formal training.

I absolutely love creating, starting with nothing, working for hours and then wearing the final product and becoming the character.

I don't just love cosplay and nerd culture I also love my family, friends and of course my ferret Harley. 

If you looking for a cosplay guest for your convention, please feel to email me at bendybenzcosplay@hotmail.com.

Many thanks,

Bendy Benz


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